EkoFog B5000 – battery powered

The battery-powered ULV EkoFog B5000 uses a brushless BLDC motor, which ensures long device life.

EkoFog B5000 battery ULV cold fogger is intended for space disinfection, insect protection, plant nutrition, plant protection against diseases,

aerosol treatment of livestock and for various other water-based applications.

The advantage compared to a conventional sprayer is that it saves more than twenty times the material, and thus reduces pollution and contamination of the environment.

The device does not make noise during operation, the work is almost noiseless, does not pollute the environment, can be used in offices, restaurants and other enclosed spaces.

The operator will work much more comfortably because the battery device does not vibrate while working with it, unlike the petrol one, which can be quite uncomfortable due to vibration and shaking.

Technical Specifications:

Model: Cro-Fog CF-B240 battery powered

Power: 1000 W

Battery Capacity: 30 Ah

Voltage: 29.4 V

Charger: 7 A

Fluid Consumption: 1 – 50 l/h

Droplet Size: 5 – 50 microns

Dimensions: 350 x 230 x 400 mm

Tank Capacity: 5 l

Price on request.

12 month warranty – spare parts and service are available after the end of warranty period.