CroFog ULV 3000 - eco fogger

CroFog ULV 3000 – eco fogger is a new innovative machine, unique in the world, for treating mosquitoes in campsites, hotel resorts and elsewhere where it is not allowed to treat mosquitoes with petrol machines that create noise and pollute the exhaust gases. It is an ecological machine for mounting on a vehicle, with tanks of the size desired by the customer or customized vehicles. Remote control from the vehicle cab. Very quiet operation without environmental pollution. It runs on vehicle battery voltage, and with inverters raises the voltage to 30 V required to operate high-speed brushless BLDC motors that rotate at 100,000 rpm. They create a very fine mist, droplet sizes of 5 to 50 micron – adjustable, adjustable formulation consumption and particle fineness. It has two heads with engines and turbines on swivel brackets that attach to the roof racks of the vehicle. We install equipment on vehicles. Detailed operating instructions and a 12-month warranty. Service and spare parts provided.

Technical Specifications:

Model: CroFog ULV 3000 – eco fogger

Power: 1000 W

Voltage: 12/28 V

Charger: car battery

Fluid Consumption: 10 – 100 l/h

Droplet Size: 5 – 50 microns

Dimensions: 350 x 230 x 400 mm

Tank Capacity: 50 l

Price on request.

12 month warranty – spare parts and service are available after the end of warranty period.