This model is similar to CROFOG Mini basic model. Therefore, it is ideal for destroying insects around your household. It is compact, small and light with weight of just 2kg, so you can easily transport it to you vacation house, wood cabin and other places where you like to relax or even where you have to work outside but you don’t like mosquitos to bother you.

This model uses Neopitroid Premium or any other product used for hot (thermal) fogging. Carrier fluid is vaseline or sunflower oil, but you can also use petroleum or diesel. By mixing 5-10% of insecticide with carrier fluid you get solution for fogging. After adding the fluid, wait 5-10 seconds and you can start fogging.

On this particular device you can even add special attachment in order to fog inaccessible places like ventilation systems, sewers, roofs, double or hollow walls and wood panels. You don’t even have to disasemble panels. Simply drill a 5mm hole and put the attachment inside in order to fog it from within.